Win a Date With Megan!

Have you ever wanted to date an international celebrity?

Sorry, Jerry’s married. But his podcast co-host, Megan Hils, isn’t!

Should you win this contest, the first thing you’ll have to do is call into the show and withstand an interrogation from Jerry and Jene. Should you survive that, you will earn a chance to go to dinner with Megan in the Cincinnati area!

*What’s the catch? Of course there’s a catch! Megan’s co-host Jene will be chaperoning at a nearby table with his wife, purely out of love (both for Megan and for good podcast material).

*Submit your info below and, if you are really serious, attach a YouTube link to a video explaining why you should be the lucky guy to go on a date with Megan.

(Important note: Once you submit any media to the podcast, we can use it on the show. Fair warning.)

Win a Date With Megan!