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Trump Instigating Culture Wars: Ep. 130

October 10, 2017

Chelsea Ford and the Trouble

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Show Notes

Jene announces that corporate is requiring the hosts to begin weekly sessions with a staff psychologist. They felt there is an unfair amount of bullying and teasing toward Jene that needs to be addressed.

We talk on mic with Jesus Noguera, our friend and tour guide from Havana, Cuba. (To listen to a recap of our trip to Cuba, click here.) We talk about our trip there a year or so ago, his view of the United States, and the American lack of response to the effects of Hurricane Irma in Cuba.

Then, Jerry talks about how Donald Trump is fighting with the media and explains what his goals might be. Trump’s called the media the enemy of the American people. What dictator says the media is the enemy of the people? What does Jerry make of Trump’s Jemele Hill comments and the NFL-SOB comments?

Musical Guest: Chelsea Ford and the Trouble