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Comparing Trump and Nixon: Ep. 129

Jene introduces our phone guest, Dr. Greg Schrand, of Ask the Lifeguard, who will give an end of summer life guarding report for 2017.

Jene mentions a new video about Folk School Coffee Parlor, which is now on our website.

Corporate is suggesting we begin work with a staff psychologist, which they are willing to provide.

Then, Jerry compares President Trump and President Nixon in a way you might not expect: both used culture wars as a weapon to try to improve their diminishing poll numbers (see Trump’s tweets about NFL players. He says it’s not about race, but Jerry argues it’s all about race.

Musical guest: Steve and Donna Bing

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Will The Republicans Repeal Obamacare? Ep. 128

Jene says Corporate is now listening regularly and is insisting, based on the inconsistency in format and procedures they hear, that we immediately create an employee handbook. Because this is an HR function, the boys ask Megan for assistance.

Jene notices that at the website, it shows an empty lifeguard chair with an “on break” sign hanging on it. Does that mean something about the reliability of the information the lifeguard gives our listeners? Speaking of him, next week we’ll have the lifeguard on as an end-of-summer ritual.

Then, Jerry analyzes what will happen as the Republicans try one more time to repeal Obamacare.

Musical Guest: Harry Sparks
A staple of the bluegrass scene in these parts for over forty years, Harry is known and admired by musicians and folks all across the country.

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Before closing with Down By the Riverside, we hear Jerry sing a song about Union Terminal recorded in 1971 while he was on Cincinnati city council.

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Melania Trump’s Hurricane Shoe Line: Ep. 127

First, Jene is frustrated with an audience member whose phone rings, but then a host interrupts the show in a similar fashion. Then things get … heated.

We play a phone message from Melania. She famously wore stilettos to Houston after Hurricane Harvey, and now she sees a business opportunity out of it.

Then we talk about the impact of Hurricane Irma in Florida.

Following a visit to the OSCEA labor unions in Cincinnati, Jerry talks the importance of unions and how the economy has let the masses down.

​Musical guest: Adam Lee (Adam played the role of Johnny Cash in the musical ‘Million Dollar Quartet’).

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Protests Are Quintessentially American: Ep. 126

We talk to the Liberal Progressive wrestler over the phone from Richmond, Virginia.

Jerry talks about his Labor Day trip to Cleveland – where he met with unions.

Then Jerry talks about why protests are quintessentially American – and why hate groups can’t stand them.

Musical Guest: Tommy Womack

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Jerry Weighs In On The Confederate Statue Debate

Jene and Jerry talk about Monday’s solar eclipse and where they viewed it. Jene tries to sell a pair of solar eclipse glasses autographed by Jerry.

Jene reads a blistering email complaining about the disastrous excursion on the last edition of “Ask A Lifeguard.”

Then, Jerry argues why it is fair to call Donald Trump racist given his actions as president.

Our musical guest is Tracy Walker:

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What Happens If Trump Is Primaried? Ep. 123

Jene asks Jerry to tell how he once met (and then worked for) Senator Bobby Kennedy.

Then, Jerry explains what happens if the Republicans stand up to Trump and primary him before the general election in 2020. The Republicans are divided. And if Trump is challenged by another Republican in the next election, they will both lose to the Democratic nominee.

Musical Guest: Back by popular demand, the Darren Zancan Band!

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