Why Repeal and Replace Couldn’t Work: Ep. 102

Jene starts by reading some listener emails.

Then: Why do so many things Jene promotes (Unlimited Mileage, The Book Club, to name several) never actually happen? How is his job security looking?

Next, it is revealed that Megan is building a beautiful new home. Jene and Jerry will wonder if it’s being funded out of the podcast budget?

Jerry’s take this week is on the breathless Republican opposition to Obamacare. The campaign slogan ‘Repeal and Replace’ sounds good in an election, but what the Republicans are offering is impossible.

Unless you require everyone to have health insurance, then no one will get health insurance until they get sick.

Musical Guest: Adam Lee, former star of the Broadway Show “Million Dollar Quartet”

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Is Donald Trump Mentally Unstable? Ep. 101

We start with an update on the “Who Wants To Date Megan” sweepstakes, and a peek into Jerry’s weekly schedule.

Jene (with some of his former City Wide Learning Community High School students sitting in the audience tonight) will explain how Jerry Springer helped him with a memorable project in his teaching career.

Jerry dives in on Trump’s baseless accusations of former President Obama wire-tapping his phones. Jerry answers the question: is Trump mentally unstable?

Our musical guest is William Matheny.

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Will Jerry Run For Office In 2018? Episode 100!

Welcome to Episode 100! The Elevator Comics make their debut here.

Jene and Megan ask Jerry to describe the atmosphere of his office between tapings of his show. We picture it bustling with activity and show business deal making, people coming and going, phones ringing, people shouting. Is that accurate?

We’ll comment on the number of reporter questions and pundit theories about Jerry running for office in 2018.

Jerry’s Rant: Trump was not Steve Bannon’s first choice for an empty vessel to further his own political and ideological agenda, but a marriage of convenience happened nonetheless. Bannon’s ideology is not compatible with the idea of America.

Musical Guest: Krystal Peterson and the Queen City Band return.

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The Elevator Comics: Ep. 99

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Jerry talks about doing a live version of Price is Right at Mystic Lake Casino just outside Minneapolis. Did Jerry do comedy on the elevators? Now, the Elevator Comics even have a commercial…

Then, the group talks about the crazy turn of events at the Academy Awards.

Jerry talks about Jeff Sessions’ first act as attorney general — rescinding protections for transgender students using the bathrooms they choose.

Musical Guest: Krystal Peterson and the Queen City Band.​

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A Weekend In NYC with Jerry: Ep. 98

Jerry and Jene just came back from their annual trip to New York where Jerry grew up, to celebrate his birthday. They saw Chazz Palminteri’s “A Bronx Tale” on Broadway — and got to hang with the star himself afterwards.

Jene and Jerry talk about their new impromptu comedy duo that has earned … mixed reviews.

Megan, leaning on the expertise of her day job, describes how companies are having to form relationships with potential employees at earlier and earlier ages to attract them to work there.

Jerry talks about Trump’s first month as president. He argues Steve Bannon is behind more of the curious decision making than we may realize, and the dangers of the president listening to someone who believes World War Three is imminent.

Our musical guest is Lee Rolfes:

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Paul Mecurio + “Kellyanne Conway”: Ep. 97

First, comedian and fellow Westwood One podcast host Paul Mecurio calls in.

He talks about some of the guests on his podcast, Two Chairs & a Microphone, including Paul McCartney and Stephen Colbert.

Speaking of guests over the phone, we got another Kellyanne Conway phone message…

Jerry speculates what is going on with the Trump administration and Russia. His theory: Steve Bannon has stated he believes Islam is not a religion, but a political party. He may believe the US can partner with Putin to “defeat Islam.” Trump’s nationalistic strategy is much like Putin’s in Russia. If America becomes isolated from the rest of the world, Russia can expand without the U.S. stopping them.

This week’s musical guest is Maria Carrelli.

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Trump’s Coup on America: Ep. 96

Jerry and the gang start by talking about Super Bowl 51 and Jerry’s annual tradition of going to a party — where a special seat is saved for him.

Jene and Jerry talk about how they once teamed up (Jene at a high school-without-walls and Jerry as a city councilman) to pass an ordinance protecting teenagers from discrimination in Cincinnati.

Then, Jerry wonders: Is Donald Trump initiating a coup on America? What do we make of the first few weeks of the Trump presidency?

This week’s musical guest: Young Heirlooms

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The Impact of the Muslim Ban: Ep. 95

Megan is back! Jerry and Jene swear they didn’t do anything wrong since she was gone.

Jene asks Jerry why we had trouble with his phone last week while using it for Facebook Live on our episode. He tells the story. (A reminder: you can watch all our episodes on Facebook Live as they happen!)

Jene tells Megan about his Uncle Antonio, who has a serious drinking problem in bars. (Megan was once a bar tender.)

Jene asks Jerry to tell about the tour boat that comes by his house in Bird Key and what he heard coming from it.

Jerry then tells the hearing aid joke.

Jerry’s Rant: The Trump Muslim Ban is antagonizing the world — what are the impacts globally and in the Muslim community?

Musical Guest: Mavis Guitar

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