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Tough Talk From Corporate/Trump’s Re-Election Chances: Ep. 118

First, Jene and Jerry talk about how Jene’s brother lost a job because of Springer.

Jene explains that corporate wants to talk to us about some of the things we’re doing on air, and Melody Gates, a corporate official, is on the phone. We take her call and hear her show notes.

Then, Jerry goes through what seems like an unlikely scenario: Donald Trump getting re-elected in 2020. Could it happen? Why?

Musical Guest: Brent James and the Vintage Youth

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When Anti-Trump Free Speech Goes Too Far: Ep. 117

Someone from corporate is taking notes and will be on the podcast next week with critiques for Jerry, Jene, and Megan.

Jene asks Jerry and Megan if they are going to set out to set the Unlimited Mileage world record this summer like they claimed they would do.

Jerry talks about the Glastonbury festival he attended and how Johnny Depp was telling jokes on stage about Trump, but then he went too far. Free speech is important, but people with microphones need to be more responsible with what they say. Social media can make dangerous people misinterpret the intentions, and the seriousness, of comments.

Then, Jerry asks: is there any policy issue more important than healthcare, which the Republicans are trying to strip down?

Our musical guest this week: Jamon Zeiler

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Jerry Springer For Parliament? Ep. 116

First, Jene asks Jerry about his recent time in England. Jerry was born in England – in a subway station during World War Two. Did any English people ask Jerry to run for Parliament?

Then, we talk to Dr. Greg Shrand in a new edition of “Ask A Lifeguard.”

Jene asks Jerry and Megan if they are going to set out to set the Unlimited Mileage world record this summer like they claimed they would do.

Then, speaking of Jerry’s trip to the UK, what did Jerry notice about how America’s standing has changed abroad since the election of President Trump? What is the worldview of Europeans and the English in particular regarding our new president?

Musical guest: Josie Galvin, a 10-yr.-old student of ukulele and song writing, our youngest performer yet, backed up by her uke teacher, Hanna Mathey, a professional performer and string instrument teacher. (This young performer is part of our ongoing emphasis on keeping roots music alive through generations and showcasing the music instruction happening at Folk School Coffee Parlor.)

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The Cases For And Against Impeachment: Ep. 115

More talk about corporate pressure against the bad jokes our hosts frequently tell. But in the face of the bosses, Jene bravely tells more bad jokes.

Then, the panel discusses Megyn Kelly’s decision to do a feature on Alex Jones, the Infowars sensationalist who has made life miserable for victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Then, Jerry gives reasons why he doesn’t like the idea of impeachment of Donald Trump… and the reason why he’s for it.

Musical guest: Elk Creek

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Why Is Trump Insulting London’s Mayor? Ep. 114

We open with a pressing question: Why have we stopped telling lame jokes? Corporate pressure? Shame? Jene will then tell one just to make sure we return to our roots.

Jerry talks about performing on the Dick Clark Show’s 50th anniversary with Little Richard, The Pointer Sisters, and Jim Belushi.

Then Jerry explores the damage and intent behind Trump’s comments about the mayor of London after the London Bridge terrorist attack.

Our musical guest is Elk Creek:

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What will come from Kushner’s ties to Russia? Ep. 113

Jene reads an email from corporate lambasting our new company, Eulogies Are Us, but then compliments us for our public service segment, Ask the Life Guard.

Jene asks Jerry if Simon and Garfunkel attended his high school. How about Rodney Dangerfield? What happens when Jerry goes to his school reunions? Megan, does that happen to normal people?

Jene shows the audience an actual Key to the City of Cincinnati, the kind Jerry use to give out when he was mayor. Where did he get it?

Then Jerry talks about the investigation into Jared Kushner’s ties to Russia. Where will it lead?

Our musical guest is Tim Easton, who weighs in on the controversy over the proposed pebble mine centers, plus their potential risks to the watershed, salmon and other fisheries.

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Part Two of Masters Series: Patrick Haggerty. Ep. 112

Warning: There is adult language in this episode*

This week’s podcast is Part Two of our Masters Series episode with Patrick Haggerty of Lavender Country. (Check out last week’s episode for Part 1.)

We talk to Patrick, a 72-year-old gay country musician about growing up, his family life, and his experience in Cuba — all while getting a taste of his music.

Then Jerry asks the sad question: Will we ever again have a great president?

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Masters Series: Patrick Haggerty Ep. 111

Just in case there are young ears in the room, there are instances of profanity in this episode. We are joined in this episode by singer-songwriter Patrick Haggerty — and his nine-person band Lavender Country — a prolific country singer who is one of the only musicians of the genre who identifies as gay.

The panel interviews him and discusses social issues, his latest tour and the state of country music — while playing us some tunes, of course.

Then Jerry talks about the progression of cultural versus political liberalism, and which is catching on faster and what is dragging us behind.

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