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If Trump Is Guilty, The Election Decides The Jury: Ep. 110

Megan comes back and we read a comment from Facebook Live user asking about her.

Our engineer tells us a guy is on the “show line” asking if we could bring him on the air to promote his website. He’s a professional lifeguard who has guarded in hotel and commercial swimming pools as well as along the Atlantic Ocean. (Jerry Springer has lifeguard friends, Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, and we’ve had Jerry’s swimming pool pic on our own website, so he’s versed in this subject.)

We bring him on asking our live stream listeners and Facebook Live viewers to shoot questions right now to

This guy, Dr. Gregory Schrand,, also holds a PhD in Medieval Literature.

We urge the audience to go to our website and view Jerry’s TV commentary, now running on all our social media.

Jerry’s Take: If Trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, the 2018 election will decide the jury.

Musical Guest: Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards

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Melania Trump’s Mysterious Liked Tweet: Ep. 109

First up, it’s just Jene and Jerry… Where in the world is Megan Hils?

Big news! We got another call from Melania Trump, this time about her “like” of a tweet from a guy alleging Donald has built a wall between them in their marriage.

Also: Remember when Jerry was a poser running in the Cincinnati half marathon as mayor? Jene just did it with a bike.

Then, Jerry goes in deep on the Republicans’ healthcare bill and compares it to the horror inflicted on Americans on 9/11.

Musical Guest: Calumet

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Trump Is A Puppet For Wall Street Ep. 108

Jene is all excited about our being nominated for an Otis Award and reads the letter announcing our nomination in the category Most Creative Use of an Elevator.

Jene then suggests that the Jerry Springer Trio street perform at Cincinnati’s Findlay Market. (Why have we never been scheduled as the musical act at OUR OWN Podcast?)

Jerry’s Take: After campaigning as an economic populist, Trump is nothing but a puppet for Wall Street and big business.

Musical guest: Andrew Hibbard

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The Best Springer Story Ever: Ep. 107

Jene and Megan comment obliquely on the story Jerry told us at last week’s production dinner, and it is likely the best Springer story we’ve ever heard, rivaling the one where Jerry peed all over himself in an Italian restaurant bathroom.

Jene says he’s gotten attacked by corporate for reading what they think might be “fake” emails to the show. He denies that but then reads two emails he says we’ve received and challenges Jerry and Megan to tell which one is fake and which is real.

Last spring we went on Jerry’s dime to Cuba to do a podcast. Jene and Megan beseech Jerry to now pay for all of us to go into orbit where we could do the first podcast in space.

Jerry’s rant: Jerry gives Trump praise (!) for standing up against legislators trying to repeal LGBT non-discrimination laws.

Musical Guest: James Weston

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Paul Stookey of Peter Paul and Mary: Ep. 106

We’re joined this episode by Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary.

Their group, which carried on the tradition of roots music from people like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and the Weavers, moved folk music into the mainstream during the 1960s and 70s with such songs of conscience as Blowing in the Wind, If I Had a Hammer, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, El Salvador, The Times They Are a Changing, etc.

Talking to Paul is part of our podcast’s effort to keep story and message alive through generations.

For more on turning music into political action, check out Paul’s initiative

Plus: Jerry’s take on Donald Trump’s first 100 days.

Music from Daryl Shawn:

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Do Repubs Actually Care About People? Ep. 105

First, Jene reads some emails we’ve received in response to Jerry’s idea of starting a company called Eulogies Are Us.

Then Jene leads Jerry and Megan in a game called “Who said this quote?” in response to Trump’s inaugural address.

In other pressing matters: Should we have a podcast team building weekend? Megan knows how to do these.

Also, Jerry’s been asked to be in a movie here at FSCP.

Then, Jerry wonders: If Republicans really cared about other people, would they really be ok with people losing health insurance?

Musical Guest: The Harmed Brothers

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On Gorsuch’s Appointment: Ep. 104

Jene and Megan ask Jerry how his “wise assedness” evolved from his childhood.

Then Jene tells how he sought Bigfoot last weekend.

Then, we ask Megan about Tinder Elite, not that she’s ever used such dating apps.

Then Jerry gives his take on our newest Supreme Court Justice: Neil Gorsuch.

Our musical guest is Tyler Giles:​

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Trumpcare/Ryancare’s Demise: Ep. 103

First, the gang talks March Madness, and Jene’s Xavier Musketeers’ surprising run.

Jene proposes a new business venture for the podcast. It’s called Eulogies Are Us. Jene explains.

Jene and Jerry discuss an interesting evening in Little Rock, Arkansas after Jerry spoke at the Clinton Library.

And hey, speaking of eulogies: Jerry talks about the death of Trump/Ryancare.

Musical Guest: Queen City Silver Stars

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