Paul Mecurio + “Kellyanne Conway”: Ep. 97

First, comedian and fellow Westwood One podcast host Paul Mecurio calls in.

He talks about some of the guests on his podcast, Two Chairs & a Microphone, including Paul McCartney and Stephen Colbert.

Speaking of guests over the phone, we got another Kellyanne Conway phone message…

Jerry speculates what is going on with the Trump administration and Russia. His theory: Steve Bannon has stated he believes Islam is not a religion, but a political party. He may believe the US can partner with Putin to “defeat Islam.” Trump’s nationalistic strategy is much like Putin’s in Russia. If America becomes isolated from the rest of the world, Russia can expand without the U.S. stopping them.

This week’s musical guest is Maria Carrelli.

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Trump’s Coup on America: Ep. 96

Jerry and the gang start by talking about Super Bowl 51 and Jerry’s annual tradition of going to a party — where a special seat is saved for him.

Jene and Jerry talk about how they once teamed up (Jene at a high school-without-walls and Jerry as a city councilman) to pass an ordinance protecting teenagers from discrimination in Cincinnati.

Then, Jerry wonders: Is Donald Trump initiating a coup on America? What do we make of the first few weeks of the Trump presidency?

This week’s musical guest: Young Heirlooms

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The Impact of the Muslim Ban: Ep. 95

Megan is back! Jerry and Jene swear they didn’t do anything wrong since she was gone.

Jene asks Jerry why we had trouble with his phone last week while using it for Facebook Live on our episode. He tells the story. (A reminder: you can watch all our episodes on Facebook Live as they happen!)

Jene tells Megan about his Uncle Antonio, who has a serious drinking problem in bars. (Megan was once a bar tender.)

Jene asks Jerry to tell about the tour boat that comes by his house in Bird Key and what he heard coming from it.

Jerry then tells the hearing aid joke.

Jerry’s Rant: The Trump Muslim Ban is antagonizing the world — what are the impacts globally and in the Muslim community?

Musical Guest: Mavis Guitar

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Trump Does Not Represent America: Ep. 94

We talk about our experiences at the Women’s Day Marches in Sarasota and Cincinnati, as well as the “size of the crowds” debate.

We play a phone message from Kelly Anne Conway.

With Conway announcing that Trump will not ever release his taxes (because “no one cares”), we’ve linked to a petition for him to do so on our website.

Jerry’s Rant: The reason Trump didn’t win the popular vote is because Trump doesn’t represent America. We’re better than that. These marches mean something. The Vietnam anti-war marches toppled Lyndon Johnson and he dropped out of the race.

Musical Guest: Our very own music coordinator Casey Campbell!

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Millions of People Can’t Lose Health Insurance: Ep. 93

Jerry tells a new joke.

We get a call from Denise Compton, who has parlayed Podcast Watch into a new organization called the Trump-ets, a right-wing women’s Trump-supporter organization that sends its members onto various media outlets to threaten boycotts and lawsuits when negative commentary has been reported.

Jene pledges a change of tone while Jerry scoffs.

Jene asks Jerry if as a kid he ever aspired to go into theatre or show business. Jene tells about the time he performed on the professional stage for a matinee and evening performance with Happy Day’s Fonzy (true story).

Jerry’s rant: Millions of people will lose health insurance if they repeal Obamacare. People with pre-existing conditions will be dropped. The only way health care providers will keep them is if it is compulsory for everyone to have to pay for health insurance. Insurance companies can’t afford to insure only the sick.

Our musical guest is teenage music prodigy Erin Coburn:

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Does Russia Have Something on Trump? Ep. 92

Eighty-eight percent of our website audience want to see the full picture of Jerry in a Speedo from the 1970s. Twelve percent say, “For the love of God, NO.”

Jene got an email from corporate lambasting the podcast for cussing during the last episode. Jene told them he’ll talk to Jerry about watching his mouth going forward.

We discuss the Women’s March on Washington happening on January 21, the day after Trump’s inauguration. Sign up at Should we go?

We got another Melania voice mail related to media chatter about her having a very high IQ.

Jerry sang Elvis last week. Will he do a song for us?

Then Jerry wonders: Does Russia have something on Trump? America is the only entity that prevents Russia from expanding.

Musical Guest: Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers

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Trump Is Not The Voice of the People: Ep. 91

We start by going through some of the fantastic Standing Rock protest songs that have been sent to us.

Then, Jene has an old photo from a vacation in Hilton Head involving his and Jerry’s families (circa 1970s) where Jerry is shirtless at the pool. Should it go up on the website? The audience votes.

Jene asks Jerry to tell how his social conscience began to form during his time at Tulane when he and other students went on busses in the South to register African American voters.

Jene remembers the time he worried for his safety advocating for equal rights at a Cincinnati pool, which ended up being closed.

Jerry’s thoughts this week are on Donald Trump, who, in his view, is not the voice of the people. When the American people were asked who they want to be president, by nearly 3 million votes they chose Hillary. So, he’s not the voice of the American people.

Note: Just in case there are young ears in the room, there are instances of profanity in this episode.

Our musical guest is Ariel Bui.

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Melania Won’t Stop Calling Us: Ep. 90

First, we got another voicemail from the soon-to-be-First-Lady Melania Trump. We take a listen.

Jerry says he got a reference form for Jene from the Trump Transition Team, and he and Megan fill it out on the air. When the question of likability comes up, well…

Then, Jerry dives into Donald Trump’s intentional ignorance of daily briefings. His cavalier approach to his first year in office could be disastrous without experience and knowledge of how to deal with threats to the U.S.

Our musical guest is Tim Easton.

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