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Melania Trump’s Hurricane Shoe Line: Ep. 127

First, Jene is frustrated with an audience member whose phone rings, but then a host interrupts the show in a similar fashion. Then things get … heated.

We play a phone message from Melania. She famously wore stilettos to Houston after Hurricane Harvey, and now she sees a business opportunity out of it.

Then we talk about the impact of Hurricane Irma in Florida.

Following a visit to the OSCEA labor unions in Cincinnati, Jerry talks the importance of unions and how the economy has let the masses down.

​Musical guest: Adam Lee (Adam played the role of Johnny Cash in the musical ‘Million Dollar Quartet’).

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Protests Are Quintessentially American: Ep. 126

We talk to the Liberal Progressive wrestler over the phone from Richmond, Virginia.

Jerry talks about his Labor Day trip to Cleveland – where he met with unions.

Then Jerry talks about why protests are quintessentially American – and why hate groups can’t stand them.

Musical Guest: Tommy Womack

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Jerry Weighs In On The Confederate Statue Debate

Jene and Jerry talk about Monday’s solar eclipse and where they viewed it. Jene tries to sell a pair of solar eclipse glasses autographed by Jerry.

Jene reads a blistering email complaining about the disastrous excursion on the last edition of “Ask A Lifeguard.”

Then, Jerry argues why it is fair to call Donald Trump racist given his actions as president.

Our musical guest is Tracy Walker:

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What Happens If Trump Is Primaried? Ep. 123

Jene asks Jerry to tell how he once met (and then worked for) Senator Bobby Kennedy.

Then, Jerry explains what happens if the Republicans stand up to Trump and primary him before the general election in 2020. The Republicans are divided. And if Trump is challenged by another Republican in the next election, they will both lose to the Democratic nominee.

Musical Guest: Back by popular demand, the Darren Zancan Band!

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Steve Bannon’s Goals In the White House: Ep. 122

Jene reads emails from listeners bristling at the irresponsibility of our having on Ask the Lifeguard who is running a solar eclipse viewing scam in the Atlantic Ocean off South Caroline in violation of Coast Guard policy of using cheap air mattresses in deep water.

Then Jerry wonders what Steve Bannon’s goals are in the White House and how much influence he has over the president.

Musical Guest: Darren Zancan

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Get Your Solar Eclipse Coverage Here: Ep. 121

We explain that during last week’s post-podcast dinner, we learned that in Megan’s day job, she does professional training for a skill no one would EVER guess. And when she tells you, the Would You Like to Date Megan promotion will blow up out of control, even though her boyfriend is sitting in the audience tonight.

Jene asks Jerry and Megan if they are interested in going to Hopkinsville, Kentucky, for a three-day campout at the center of the solar eclipse. For coverage, check out our Facebook + YouTube channels.
Then Jerry wonders if anyone has realized that a lot of Americans could be in danger of drowning due to sudden darkness the day of the solar eclipse. We “Ask the Lifeguard” to see what preparations his profession is making.

Then, Jerry explains why Medicare for all is the best solution for heath care.

Musical Guest: Hank Erwin

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Can Donald Trump Pardon Himself? Ep. 120

Jene and Jerry goof on each other’s recent disparate vacations – Jene driving four thousand miles across America and back and sleeping in a tent, while Jerry and his people jetted to America’s finest venues for two weeks.

Jene compares the Mark Zuckerberg entourage he witnessed at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park with ones of Jerry’s that he’s seen. Jene got a cut rate “senior” pass for all the national parks he and Bonnie visited on his trip. Did Jerry get a half-off pass for Coronado?

Then, we update our “Dating Megan” sweepstakes. We’re deluged with requests weekly, but Megan is about to get married. Is this fair to her fans?

Then Jerry wonders: Would Donald Trump pardon himself? Or his family? Jerry takes a look into what might be the future.

Our musical guest this week is our own Casey Campbell:

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