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Sylvia Tyson Interview: Ep. 138

December 11, 2017

On today's show, we have a live phone interview with Sylvia Tyson, of the iconic 60s folk duo Ian and Sylvia. Then, Jerry dives in on the Republican tax bill and how screws the middle class. The middle class pays more in taxes and loses services they need. The white middle class in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio - who sent Trump to the White House - get killed by this. The Republicans are rewriting the tax code to appeal to one small group: wealthy Republican donors. Musical Guest: Sylvia Tyson & Quartette

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You Can Listen Live

As part of the evolution of the Jerry Springer Podcast, now beginning our second year, you can listen live as we record our podcasts at the Folk School Coffee Parlor in Ludlow, Kentucky, heard I expect by most listeners from our archive. But if you hit the “Listen Live” button

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Pick a Penis?

OMG, just when I thought the Republican primaries couldn’t get any funnier, I watched grown men, one a US senator, the other a billionaire entrepreneur, suggest during a televised debate that the nomination should be decided according to a measurement of their ding dongs. And what better platform for such

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Who Would Have Thought?

I’ve been studying and participating in politics since the 1960s, and this presidential cycle and political era  is proving to be not only unpredictable but also stunning. Maybe even culture changing. Think about it. At least thus far, political parties’ influence is crumbling with both party establishments quaking about the

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