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Got a tale?

It says it right in our podcast’s title: Tales, Tunes and Tomfoolery. And you heard a good one when Freedom Rider David Fankhauser joined us for two episodes to tell his tale of riding a Trailways bus into the deep south to fight for racial justice in 1961. So as

Jerry sings with the Price Hill Hustle

After last week’s podcast recording at the Folk School Coffee Parlor, in Ludlow, Kentucky, Jerry, Jene and Megan joined the Price Hill Hustle on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square stage where Jerry joined the Americana group for a verse. The greater Cincinnati area is becoming one of the country’s hotbeds of roots

How about a Fund for Folk Music?

I’m an old “folkie,” a member of a trio in 1967 that played for tips around Cincinnati at a time when some number one national records were being sold with backgrounds of banjos, fiddles and stand up bases. The folk music spike lasted for several years and flamed out with

Hatin’ is Hurtin’

A new Gallup poll says for the first time since that company has been asking the question, more people self describe themselves as liberals than conservatives. Not only is this not a surprise, the future for Republicans could even be worse, all because of changing demographics and personal outlooks. Think