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What Jerry Springer Does Every Day: Episode 17

September 1, 2015

First, a caller complains about the podcast being too liberal, and the panel talks women's rights, religion and philosophy. Then, Jerry explains how little he works on The Jerry Springer Show. What a life...



New episodes a comin’ soon

We just returned from the Whispering Beard Folk Festival, in pastoral Friendship, Indiana, where we recorded material for two new episodes rich with music and stories. Plus, we return to the homey bosom of the Folk School Coffee Parlor this Tuesday night (September 1) where we’ll record two more. So

Taking the podcast on the road

On Friday, Jerry, Megan and I (along with our Ambient Studio friends and techs) are hitting the road for the Whispering Beard Folk Festival in Friendship, Indiana. In their 8th year, this festival draws top roots music performers both national and regional. We’re going to do interviews, sit in on